UN Secretary-General António Guterres marks the “go live” of sweeping UN reforms on 1 January 2019

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres emphasizes how the reforms will transform the work of the United Nations. “The aims of reform are clear: To focus more on people and less on process. To become more nimble and effective. And to build a workplace of equality, diversity and integrity."

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In this brief interview, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Reforms, Mr. Jens Wandel of Denmark, introduces the three UN reform streams.

United Nations Secretary-General’s Informal Briefing to the General Assembly on the Implementation of the United Nations Reform.

In the face of mounting unrest in Burkina Faso, the United Nations System is mobilized to respond to security challenges using a wide range of tools in support of government. UN Resident Coordinator in Burkina Faso, Ms. Metsi Makhetha, explains how prevention is a key element of the reform.