Benefits Tracker

Benefits Tracker

The UN developed the benefits tracker to provide a consolidated overview over all key improvement initiatives of the UN reform. The tracker includes targeted reform benefits, the status of their implementation, and provides details on key deliverables and benefit measures.

While the tracker focuses on reform benefits and improvements, other dashboards such as the Programme Budget Results Dashboard complement it, providing a broader overview of our work.

The benefits tracker is interactive and consists of three main dashboard:

  • An aggregate overview of main targeted reform initiatives (page 1)
  • A benefits passport, with details on specific improvement initiatives (page 2)
  • A list of all benefits and related initiatives (page 3)

To change between pages, use the arrow on bar below the dashboard.

Disclaimer: All data displayed is based on an ‘as is’ status, drawn from the inputs provided by different UN departments and teams.


Learn more about the benefits categories.