Le Secrétaire général António Guterres lance avec succès les réformes radicales de l’ONU le 1er janvier 2019

Le Secrétaire général souligne comment les réformes vont transformer le travail des Nations Unies. « Les objectifs de la réforme sont clairs : Se concentrer plus sur les personnes et moins sur les processus. Devenir plus souple et efficace. Et créer un environnement de travail de qualité, empreint de diversité et d’intégrité. »


It might seem like critical situations or incidents should be second nature in the United Nations, yet sometimes capacities are stretched beyond any norm or barriers to reallocation of resources put up obstacles. As part of management reform, a dedicated capacity in the Department of Operational Support was created to support the start-up, surge, or closure of Secretariat entities, as well as to better respond to critical incidents. 

Due to the global and dispersed nature of the United Nations, system-wide collaboration has always been a challenge. In person meetings are not always possible and entities across the UN system employ different tools and systems for their own work.

In recent years, the United Nations has undergone a series of transformative changes that have impacted the Organization’s people, processes and technology.